Dedicated to Training for

Healthcare Careers

Our workforce solution provides human development, mentoring, skills training, and allied health certifications, leading to good jobs and career ladder opportunities.

We leverage community-based partners to support our participants to ensure job offers and success.

A 16-Year track record of success in healthcare training

SkillSpring has established itself as a trusted leader in the healthcare training industry with a proven 16-year track record. Emerging from The New Jewish Home’s successful Geriatrics Career Development Program, our organization has extensive experience in preparing New York City youth for rewarding healthcare careers through our comprehensive High School and Young Adult Programs.

Addressing challenges and ensuring success in healthcare careers

At SkillSpring, we recognize that many applicants may face various challenges that can impact their ability to thrive in a healthcare career. To address these obstacles, we provide comprehensive wrap-around services to mitigate common issues, such as housing or food insecurity. Our support doesn’t end once participants secure employment. We offer continuous professional development, helping them to grow and succeed in their healthcare careers.

Creating a Pathway for Success in the Healthcare Industry

With our history of success and commitment to addressing the challenges faced by our participants, SkillSpring is dedicated to empowering the future of healthcare and transforming the lives of those we serve.

The SkillSpring Mission

Empower individuals for healthcare careers

SkillSpring’s mission is to provide comprehensive training, mentoring, and support to individuals seeking careers in healthcare, unlocking their potential and helping them achieve professional success.

Strengthen healthcare organizations

SkillSpring aims to partner with healthcare organizations to help them discover untapped talent in their communities, offering a comprehensive workforce solution that leads to improved staff retention and quality of care.

Foster personal and professional growth

SkillSpring is committed to nurturing the personal and professional development of individuals through human development training, skills certification, and ongoing mentorship, ensuring their success in the healthcare industry.

Enhance organizational performance

SkillSpring focuses on supporting healthcare organizations by providing tailored training solutions and wrap-around services that address unique challenges, leading to a more skilled, motivated, and efficient workforce.