Powering the

Future of Patient Care

SkillSpring is a Human Development program, born from 16 years of experience and success at the New Jewish Home in Upper Manhattan. Our program has created opportunities in Healthcare for over 1,100 graduates to date. Want to know more?

Looking to start a meaningful career in healthcare?

Unlock your potential with SkillSpring. We offer comprehensive human and professional development, to raise you up to where you belong, and help you get started in a rewarding career in healthcare

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics,  about 220,200 openings for nursing assistants  are projected each year, on average, over the next decade.

  • Free Case Assessment and wrap-around services*
  • Free Professional Development Training
  • Free Skills Training (CNA, HHA)
  • Access to scholarships and stipends*
  • Free Certifications

* if you qualify

Seeking exceptional talent for your healthcare organization?

Discover untapped talent in your community and improve staff retention with SkillSpring’s comprehensive workforce solution.

SkillSpring has been solving for talent shortages for over 15 years. We understand the dynamic needs of healthcare organizations like yours, and have built a robust program to help you address the challenges you face.

  • Attract untapped healthcare talent with targeted training.
  • Equip candidates with essential soft skills through development training.
  • Access pre-qualified, certified candidates with hands-on experience.
  • Boost employee satisfaction and retention with ongoing support.

SkillSpring finds, recruits, and supports qualified applicants from within the communities around you, to create a seamless transition from skills development to employment.

Intensive human and professional development training in areas such as communication, conflict resolution, and professionalism.

Certification training, such as Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA).

Hands-on experience in healthcare settings for program participants.

Successful completion leads to employment opportunities in healthcare organizations.

Beyond Graduation

SkillSpring’s Alumni Program

Our SkillSpring alumni receive ongoing support and services to ensure a successful transition into their healthcare careers:

  • Career guidance and regular check-ins
  • Resume, cover letter, and application support for work or college
  • Direct access to employment opportunities
  • Personalized sessions for goal-setting and personal issue resolution
  • Referrals to external resources, including FAFSA assistance and professional development opportunities
  • Volunteering, internships, and networking opportunities, including access to alumni events and workshops

How we’re able to address the healthcare talent shortage


Born out of 16 years of experience at The New Jewish Home in Upper Manhattan.

Proven Track-Record

Trained over 1,100 individuals for successful careers in healthcare.


Committed to empowering communities and improving healthcare.

“Stay committed; this program will help you in the long run. My family is very proud.”

“SkillSpring is such a unique grantee of ours. It’s the most supportive and all-encompassing program. The outcomes get better every year.”

“The support is consistent and thoughtful so they get the coaching they need to be successful… I hope the SkillSpring program, going forward, can influence other cities.”

“The kids from SkillSpring help us in many ways. They call me their mentor. I love them very much.”

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